Celebrating 65 years!


Our Band Program is designed to not only teach music and the playing of musical instruments, it is designed to enhance the quality of life of each Band Member. Lions Band administrators, conductors and managers recognize that each member of the band is special and unique and strive to meet the needs of individuals.


Members of the Lions Band play at a level appropriate for their playing ability, not necessarily at their grade school level.

Responsibility, commitment, respect for others and their property, co-operation and team participation are encouraged so as to build a strong, competitive band.

Constitution and Bylaws


Saskatoon Lions Band
Ph: (306) 249-4949

Saskatchewan Band Association

Lions International

"To provide the youth of Saskatoon and surrounding area, for ages 12 to 19. with an opportunity to participate in a quality musical experience while teaching musicianship, teamwork, leadership and self-discipline."